Rectal bleeding is called hematochezia by the medical society. For hemorrhoids sufferers, it is the fresh, bright red blood that passes the anus from the colon, rectum or anus itself. Bleeding from hemorrhoids can be addressed by a natural remedy for hemorrhoids. Aside from hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding may vary in color and may be caused by other conditions within the body.

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5 Possible Sources of Rectal Bleeding

1. Anal fissures: When the anal mucosa is stretched beyond its capability, anal fissures are possible to occur. Slight and shallow anal fissures heal within a few days without treatment, while chronic and deep ones may result to a non-healing wound prone to bacterial infection from the stools. Bleeding is red like that of hemorrhoids. It occurs due to passing hard and large stools, prolonged diarrhea or anal sex. In older people, poor blood flow to the area may cause anal fissures.

2. Diverticulitis: This is a common digestive issue in the large intestine that develops outside of the colon. It results when there is an inflammation in one of the divercula. Bleeding with dark red color into the colon is among the symptoms but it is not caused by the presence of hemorrhoids. Other symptoms include diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramping, colon obstruction, and others.

3. Gastrointestinal bleeding: It is considered as occult bleeding when there is a slow loss of blood in the upper or lower gastrointestinal tract. Bright red, maroon or black blood goes with the stool depending on the transit speed of blood. The presence of occult blood in the stool can only be detected by laboratory testing. Bleeding of this kind may be a result from ulcers, colon polyps or anemia.

4. Bleeding from the stomach: When bleeding occurs in the stomach, a person eliminates black and tarry stool with very foul smell which is called ‘melena’. It is a sign that bleeding is from the stomach and not from hemorrhoids. When the blood is exposed to acid in the stomach or in the small intestines, it becomes black with an awful smell. But if bleeding is massive, the rapid transit of blood will result in bright red rectal bleeding.

5. Bleeding from hemorrhoids: Bright red blood comes out with the stool that you can see on your toilet paper or in the toilet bowl. This is the most common sign of internal hemorrhoids together with itching, burning and pain. Hemorrhoids are a result of the veins being under constant stress or pressure in the anal canal. Bleeding occurs when veins are ruptured by straining, passing hard stools and rubbing.

Learn to Differentiate the Types of Rectal Bleeding

It is important to know the types of rectal bleeding that may occur when you have hemorrhoids. There is always a natural remedy for hemorrhoids, but bleeding coming from other conditions may need immediate medical attention. You can determine the source of rectal bleeding by observing the color, amount and smell of the blood that goes out with the stool. Any suspicion must take you to your doctor for examination and proper treatment to prevent worse situations.

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