Usually, it is constipation and straining hard to move bowel out that cause hemorrhoids. Hard stools can add trauma to existing hemorrhoids. Therefore, if you are suffering from this condition and looking for a natural remedy for hemorrhoids, it is advised that you eat more fibrous foods to make your stools soft. Likewise, diarrhea makes hemorrhoids symptoms worse. Therefore, it is advised that you control diarrhea with appropriate food and medication.

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Hemorrhoids can be treated by non surgical procedures where scarring produced can effectively eliminate hemorrhoids. Scarring makes the hemorrhoid cushions small. They become small enough to attach to the underlying muscles that keep from moving downward towards the anus. Non surgical treatments involve the areas with visceral nerves which is painless. Treatments are performed to hemorrhoids patients without the need for anesthesia like the following.

  • Sclerotherapy: Quinine Urea or Phenol is injected into the base of each hemorrhoid to block the blood flow. This treatment is usually used for small hemorrhoids. The veins in the tissue become hard, dry up and fall off that leave scarring. Slight pain can occur but would disappear the next day. The treatment may be repeated after several years if only the internal hemorrhoids return.
  • Ligation or Hemorrhoid Banding: A rubber band is tightly placed around the hemorrhoid base to cut off blood supply to the tissue. The process makes the tissue die, whiter off and fall. This treatment doesn’t require a patient to be confined in a hospital but may need to be repeated if hemorrhoids recur. Just like surgery, care needs to be taken after the procedure to control bleeding and the pain.
  • Heat Coagulation: There are different kinds of heat treatment used to kill hemorrhoids tissue to promote scarring including bipolar, direct current electrotherapy and infrared photocoagulation. Heat treatments kill the tissue in and around the hemorrhoids to dry and form scar tissue. Heat treatment is used with first, second and third degree hemorrhoids. Pain and bleeding is common but still a good option to treat hemorrhoids.

Other Kinds of Remedy for Internal Hemorrhoids 

You can also use natural remedy for hemorrhoids, ointments, internal gels, or hemorrhoids creams but do take care in choosing products as some of them can cause allergic reactions. Some opt to use suppositories which are made of strong active ingredients such as zinc oxide and hydrocortisone. If you choose this kind of remedy for your hemorrhoids, be sure the suppositories are soft and waxy to prevent harm to your already irritated tissue in the anal canal.

Using non surgical treatments, which are not painful, can be successful for your internal hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids may become painful if they bulge from the anus as they swell and are squeezed by the muscles that control the anus. Most of those who have tried non surgical treatments achieved immediate relief, though the length of treatment depends on the size of the internal hemorrhoids.

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